About the Three concealed strengths of Your Smile

Among the most common natural actions you can perform - is smiling. For example, babies, during the first couple of weeks of infancy, begin smiling naturally on their own. Furthermore, in the course of two months or so, babies begin recognizing when others are smiling at them, so by then they also begin to reply with the same kindness.

Great potential is hidden within your smile:

* Connect with others: As you smile at others – you are almost guaranteed to receive a smile in return.

* Lift your mood: Production of serotonin, which is scientifically proven to brighten your mood, has been tied with a genuine smiling. You may try it yourself, even if you feel quite unhappy – simply look in the mirror and smile! Smiling in general will elevate your mood, and you will quickly notice a change for the better.

* Show confidence: Confidence is naturally projected through smiling. Research has shown that people who are thought to be more self-confident and more successful – are people who smile frequently and freely.

To summarize – smiling may improve overall mental and physical health, and causes general happiness, improves self-confidence, and helps improve relationships. Everyone should make sure to smile more often!