Can Bad Breath Ruin Your Dating Life? These Eight Foods Will Quickly Give You a Kissably Fresh Breath

One of the leading causes for confidence loss and self-esteem issues is bad breath, notably so when it concerns relationships and your partner. The first date is critically important in the sense that how you show yourself will determine how the other person might view you, so just a little scent of bad breath may easily kill the mood. Those who are afflicted with real health issues that cause bad breath may even be less willing to share an intimate moment, such as a kiss, with their partner, due to the fear of pushing away the other person (thanks to that rotting breath).

The remedy for your putrid breath might easier to find than you thought. Cast away the fear of kissing someone with the help of these foods, which have shown to freshen up your breath almost instantly, improving your confidence!

Apples- Most importantly, apples are responsible for increasing saliva production. Moreover, they function as a natural “toothbrush”, cleansing your mouth. Also, let’s not forget that they taste great and are rich in vitamins!

Yogurt- The odorous compounds associated with bad breath may easily be reduced thanks to the live bacterial cultures in yogurt. In addition, they also combat against plaque and gingivitis.

Vitamin C- Oranges, grapefruit, and melons are all fruits rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin is, among other things, responsible for reducing the quantity of bacteria that are able to grow in your mouth, the very same bacteria that causes bad breath.

Spices- Use cinnamon, coriander, or cardamom when cooking to get rid of unpleasant odor. These spices have long been known to conceal bad oral odors and “re-fresh” breath almost instantly.

Parsley- Rich in chlorophyll, parsley is great at helping eliminate the stinky odors caused by bacteria residing in the mouth. Simply chewing on a little spring of parsley is a great method for neutralizing bad mouth odors, even greater is the fact it can be done while traveling somewhere.

Greens- Green, leafy vegetables will help you keep your oral pH on the alkaline side. An alkaline pH maintains bacterial levels in check, and eliminates a major cause of bad breath - it prevents your mouth from becoming dry.

Green tea- Full of anti-bacterial properties, green tea will drastically lower the unpleasant bacterial byproducts associated with bad mouth odor.

Water- Simply drinking enough water during the course of the day will wash away excess food particles stuck in your mouth. These particles can cause bad odor. Moreover, it eliminates bad bacteria by keeping your mouth healthy and clean, due to its saliva-producing effects.