Will Whitening Your Teeth Help You Succeed?

We've been through one of these moments: Speaking in front of the boss for a big meeting, meeting a partner's parents, giving a speech that will decide your final grade. No matter what profession we choose or where we decide to live, we cannot fully avoid these scenarios.

In every one of them, confidence is key. Without it, your voice may tremble. You may stutter. Then - oh no - your audience is whispering. They're exchanging looks and muttering under their breath. Whatever feelings you had of being in control will evaporate in an instant. Once off balance, every second spent in limbo makes recovery that much more difficult.

When it comes to securing confidence, there are several options. Practicing in front of a mirror helps and some people maintain that picturing the audience in their underwear is a plus. However, much of posture and presentation begins in the face. This means a bright, interested expression and, perhaps above all, a dazzling smile.

The extra boost of self-confidence

Having white teeth does help those tense situations and there's actually some objective data to support this notion. In 2007, Crest Whitestrips commissioned a study titled "The Impact of Whiter Teeth on Key First Impressions." The first part of this research included simulations of high-stress situations like job hunting and dating.

A test facility was set up where certain subjects had their teeth whitened while others did not. Results found that nearly 60 percent of subjects who whitened their teeth were more likely to be hired. Around 53 percent were offered a higher salary. In addition, 54 percent of whitened teeth test subjects scored better when dating.

Whitened teeth may be a physical attribute but it translates to altered and, in this case, improved mental perception. Those interacting with the test subjects found them more professional (65 percent), more confident (61 percent) and more outgoing (59 percent) than their unwhitened counterparts.

Gaining the benefits without the discomfort

Some people might understandably balk at involved and potentially painful whitening treatments, many of which involve a dentist's visit. Health Guidance found that, while effective, some teeth whitening operations can aggravate gums, undoing the healthy mouth appearance that the treatment hoped to achieve.

So the question becomes: how do you whiten your teeth without using costly chemical treatments that may damage your gums? Answer: Innwhite. We provide the most advanced and innovative teeth whitening system.

When you need that boost of confidence but don't have the income or the time for in-depth treatment, trust Innwhite to provide the aid you need to make your smile nothing short of dazzling.