Our Story

Chapter 1. How it all began.

In 2016, I bought a teeth whitening system for $199 in one of the shopping centers in Los Angeles. I later discovered that it was the best-selling premium segment product for teeth whitening in the US market. The kit consisted of a new generation of LED mouth tray, a power supply unit and ten disposable caps with a whitening gel. From the outset, I was very impressed...
Later on, I discovered a big disadvantage for me - was the emergence of tooth sensitivity after the procedures.
This is unfortunately, the problem with all gels containing hydrogen peroxide. This situation did not suit me...


Chapter 2. There is a solution!

Two years later, after searching for the best manufacturer of gels in the USA, approvals, production and testing, my husband and I solved this problem...
We have released our own, improved product, devoid of all the drawbacks...

First of all, we immediately abandoned pure peroxide as an active ingredient, replacing it with carbamide peroxide, which is the safest component for teeth whitening today. In this case, the process is a little slower, but without a negative impact on the enamel, without causing the sensitivity of the teeth.



Secondly, we decided to completely abandon the power supply.
In the modern world, where everyone has a smartphone, tablet or laptop, it is more functional to use them as a charger for LED lamps. Using the system has become a simple and convenient process, and most importantly, it has reduced the final cost of the product by 2 times!

Thirdly, we added a professional complex of minerals, which is actively used by dentists to restore enamel after the whitening procedure.

Also, mineralization is often prescribed to women during pregnancy and lactation.


Innwhite penetration


Even the most careful teeth whitening has a direct effect on the structure of enamel. Therefore, mineralization is MUST HAVE for those who care not only about the aesthetic appearance but also about the health of their teeth. Using our gel INNMINERAL after each bleaching, you not only replenish natural minerals but also abundantly enrich your teeth with calcium and all the necessary vitamins.


Chapter III. Brilliant result.

With innwhite we have solved the problem of tooth sensitivity, without losing the quality of whitening, producing a technologically advanced and highly effective product, taking into account the peculiarities of the modern consumer.


I believe taking care of your teeth for health reason is a must. I also believe feeling good about a pearly white smile with boost your confidence!

Julia Vin.